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Public Transportation

Transportation from the Airport to San Carlos

The taxi union at the airport has established its fares at 300 pesos (about $30.00) for the short ride. 

You can rent a car at the airport for about 700 pesos a day ($70.00).  Budget Car Rental and Hertz have local offices.

You can catch the "San Jose" bus for 7 pesos (.70 cents). It comes along in front of the airport once every hour or so and will take you into Guaymas where you get off at Ley Shopping Center and can catch a bus back to San Carlos for 9 pesos (.90 cents)--not recommended if you have more luggage than you can carry on your own!

Taxi Service in San Carlos

Where are taxi stations located?

In front of Marina Terra hotel – you can call the hotel at 226-1021 and ask for taxis and they will transfer your call to the taxi extension.

Plaza los Jitos (in front of 1910 disco) – the number is 226-1004

Taxis are there from about 9:00 am to 8:00 pm or earlier if there are no clients.

What are normal Fares?

Charges depend on the distance and they do not use taximeters. Establish the price before boarding. You can usually barter a bit (10 or 20 pesos down) with the driver but they usually have set fares and are pretty consistent.

In and about San Carlos the cost is between $3.00 in the downtown area to $6.00 out to Los Algodones & Plaza San Carlos. To get to Guaymas will usually cost $15.00.

Can we call a taxi?

If you want a taxi after hours you will have to call a service from Guaymas. There are 2 listed services:

Radio Servicio de Taxis de Guaymas – 224-0466

Union de Taxis Super Rapidos – 222-7859 

(Try Raul Pimentel, Unit Number C-13. He is very helpful, speaks perfect English and is willing to make trips to San Carlos to pick clients up and bring them home. You can reach him on his private cell number anytime 044-622-227-7791)

Bus Service in San Carlos

Are the local busses old, rickety and unsafe to ride?

The days of the old dilapidated school busses like in the movie "Romancing the Stone" are long gone in San Carlos. The local company has upgraded to modern Mercedes Benz busses. 

What hours and how often do they run?

The first bus into San Carlos arrives about 6:15 and departs at about 6:30. Busses run every 20 minutes until 7:00 pm. After 7pm there is one at 8:00 and 9:00.  The next one isn’t till 11:00 pm and that is the last one of the evening.

What is the route?

In San Carlos the route takes you along the Boulevard Beltrones (the main street), where you can access all local business, past the church plaza and Marina Terra to the end of Marina San Carlos.

*Note: During Easter week they add a route to Los Algodones Beach and to the ranchitos area.

What does it cost?

When you get on the bus you can say to the driver "San Carlos" (this lets him know to charge you only the local tariff of $4 pesos (.40 cents).

If you are going into Guaymas the fare is $9 pesos (.90 cents)

Will the driver give me change?

It is always best to have small change or small bills (20 or 50 pesos) on hand to give the driver. If you don’t have change they will give you change for a larger bill. However, don’t be alarmed if they take your bill and let you know that they will give you change when you disembark. Bus drivers turn in their fares at the end of every few round and they have to build up their base to provide change for larger bills. Sometimes if they don’t have change they will give you back your bill and let you ride at no cost.

Where can I catch the bus?

There are several established bus stops around town. However, if you find yourself not quite at the next stop and the bus is whizzing by, you simply have to hail it with your hand and it will stop to pick you up.



Mexico uses the same 60 cycle, 110-volt current as the U.S. so hair dryers, cell phone chargers, lap tops, etc. work just fine. But, be sure to have a surge protector with you for your lap top.


Deluxe hotels and restaurants provide drinkable water. When in doubt, ask for bottled water.

Language Services

Rudy’s Translation/Interpretation Service

All types of written translations including business, personal, and legal documents.  We can assist with paperwork for all types of legal documentation including FM-3 ‘s, Mexican/American Passports, Apostilles for documents, Mexican Drivers License, forming a business or other legal process.  Oral interpretation, including communicating instructions to housekeepers or others or any kind of communication between 2 parties.  
Reasonable prices and speedy service!

Call Rudy at 011-52-622-224-2218 Or 044-622-109-9627

Internet Services
Surf the Net, get the ball scores or stock quotes or check email at these locations:

In San Carlos:

Gary's Internet Connection:  Above Gary's Dive Shop
Evie's Simply Coffee: Across from Marina Terra in the marina (Mac only)
San Carlos Solutions/Integrated Solutions - Above Lung Fu´s Chinese restaurant across the road from Marina Terra
Barracuda Bob's - In the Marina San Carlos Building

In Guaymas:

Solo Internet: In the exterior shops to the right at Ley Plaza
Also Inside Ley Plaza near Coppel across from Soyo de Guaymas

Computer Consulting, Services, and Repair
International Computer Solutions
Scott R. Stimson
Lote #111, Caracol Turistico
San Carlos, Sonora 85506
Phone: (622) 226-0209 or (622) 226-1469

Ferry Boat Service

Ferry Santa Rosalia

The Ferry departs Guaymas for Santa Rosalia, Baja on Monday
 and Thursday at 8:00 PM. The ferry departs Santa Rosalia, Baja
 for Guaymas on Tuesday and Friday at 8:00PM.  
Please visit the web site for current rates and online reservation service.


CI Banco

Bank in San Carlos
Complete Banking Services
Two Bi-lingual ATM machines
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 9.5 (next to Pemex Gas Station)
Phone: 226-1240

Dog Boarding
Ed & Dorothy Rembert
Calle K, #841, Ranchitos, San Carlos
Phone: 011-52-622-226-0866 

Ed Rembert's Store Your Boat, Car, or RV
Ranchitos, San Carlos
Phone: 480-264-8367

Al's Mini Storage
440 Avenida D Ranchitos
San Carlos
Phone: 011-52-622-226-0769

Tour & Travel
Jupiter no. 149, Sector Creston
San Carlos, Sonora, México.

Phones: (622) 122 7894
            (622) 112 2059

From USA: 011521 (622) 122 7894
               011521 (622) 112 2059


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a Sierra Vista, AZ company.