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Community Profile

Name: San Carlos (Nuevo Guaymas)

State/Country: Sonora, Mexico

Postal Code: 85506

Telephone Code: 622-22X-XXXX

More Information: Guide to San Carlos

Location: 15 Km Northwest of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico  on the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez.

Latitude/Longitude: 27 56'N 111 03'W

Elevation: Sea Level to 1400 feet

Timezone: GMT-7 (American/Chihuahua, which is the equivalent of Mountain Standard Time) Daylight Savings time is not observed.

Population: Guaymas-98,000 (approx) San Carlos-4500 (approx)

Airport:  San Carlos is served by the Guaymas International Airport, about 10 miles away.  The airport code is GYM.  America West provides daily flights to/from Phoenix.

Climate: Coastal desert with average rainfall of approximately 10 inches per year, mostly in the summer months. Average daily high temperatures range from mid-90s in the summer months to mid-70s in the winter months. The dry Sonoran desert climate is moderated by breezes from the Gulf of California, creating a climate that is agreeable year round.

Topography: This coast area of Mexico is a contrast of mountains and steep cliffs, separated by magnificent stretches of sand beach and tidal estuaries. The prominent terrain feature in the area is Tetakawi Peak, whose distinct twin peak outline is unmistakable and forms the official logo of San Carlos

Vegetation: Typical Sonoran desert-style vegetation including several species of cactus, some of which seem to grow from solid rock in steep cliffs along the coast.

Wildlife: The numerous islands in the area are all bird sanctuaries, making this an ideal location to observe the numerous species of sea birds, including large flights of Mexican Brown Pelicans. Off shore, the area is noted for whales, porpoises, sea lions, and sea turtles in addition to over 600 species of fish.


Illustracio-Guaymas-Catholic-Private-Elementary --222--0239

Navarette-Guaymas--Tec de Monterey- Private-Elementary--222-1600

Colegio Americana-Guaymas-Private-English-Elementary

Kino-Guaymas-Private-Prepa (High School)

Espanglish - Institute of Language and Culture


Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)-Guaymas 222-8960

San Carlos Catholic Church-San Carlos Plaza

San Carlos Community Church (Inter-denominational) 226-1521

Spanish Community Baptist Church


Medical Facilities

Rescate-San Carlos Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Jose Luis Canale-Physician and Surgeon-Clinica San Carlos

Dr. Michael Laux-Physician and Surgeon-Clinica San Carlos

Dr. Hiram Duarte-Dentist

Dr. Sergio Molina-Dentist

Hospitals-located in Guaymas and Hermosillo


Civic Groups and Clubs

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)  English Speaking meetings are held in Grupo Tetakawi. Grupo Tetakawi is located on Beltrones across the street from Ley. It is in the same little complex as the dentist Maricela Arizmendi and Dr. Andrew Yakushevich. Open AA meetings: Wednesday and Sunday at 5:30 pm Call 622-226-2197 if you have questions. 

Castaway Kids --226-1169

Club Deportivo-Community Service Club--227-0048

Daughters of the American Revolution--226-2017

Friends of Sonora

Humane Society/SBPA--226-1460

Lions Club-Guaymas--222-4333

Rotary Club--226-1160

Yacht Club--226-0163



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